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Bridge Scholarship Program

York’s Early Learning Investment Commission (ELIC) and the United Way of York County have established the Bridge Scholarship Program to provide tuition assistance and additional resources to early childhood professionals.  Working directly with the PA Keys Tuition Assistance Program, the intent is to make education available and affordable for early childhood professionals.  

Click Here to download the Bridge Scholarship Program flyer.


Why Is It Needed?

In the 2011-12 Pennsylvania State Budget, a critical tuition assistance program known as TEACH (Teacher Education and Compensation Help) was eliminated which resulted in approximately 100 early childhood professionals unable to continue with their higher education courses in York County.  The budget cuts brought the number of centers achieving high quality status to a standstill, while creating a loss of quality educators working within the early childhood field.  The Bridge Scholarship will work with the PA Keys Tuition Assistance Program, Pennsylvania State University York Campus, York College of Pennsylvania, and Harrisburg Area Community College to put early childhood education professionals back on track towards achieving their higher education goals.


Success Stories

Click here to read about a recent success story from the Bridge Scholarship Program.

Where Is the Money Going?

Funds donated into the Bridge Scholarship Program will be held in trust by the United Way of York County in a separate account.  Early childhood educators may apply for the funds to help offset expenses not covered by the PA Key tuition reimbursement voucher.  Funds will be used to fund the child development associate, school age credential, directors credential, associate’s degree, and bachelor’s degree at the above mentioned institutions.


Who May Apply?

Early Childhood Educators who have been approved for funding through the Pennsylvania Key to Professional Development’s Rising STARS Tuition Assistance Program.  For eligibility requirements please click here


How Can You Invest?

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Bridge Scholarship Program will help ensure educational advancements for educators in York County.


For additional information, please contact Sara Gray-Bradley, Director of Education Initiatives at (717) 771-3808 or Julie Myers, FOCUS Program Associate (717)771-3822.